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The About Us page

  • who are we? : We're not your ordinary sports collectible store. We want to give sports enthusiasts young and old a fun and entertaining way to stay connected to the game.   
  • By offering a large assortment of sports collectibles from Baseball cards, Mugs, Shot glasses, Sports figures, 100 of items to choose and collect at any age. Along with a large assortment of wearables and Michigan made products, and Made in Detroit items will give you everything you need to say connected.
  •  And if that's not your game but you like to play sports or learn how to play a sport our multi-sports simulator with its great graphics, fluid and real time environment and realistic precise ball flight and large  library of championship golf courses. Will help build confidence and understanding of the game  
  •     D.S.C. Has been doing business for 25 years and will keep working hard to bring value and earning your trust. Our legacy began by putting license sports products NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, College and Nascar into retail stores on beautiful displays.  
  • Why do  we sell the items we sell? :For the love of sports, and the game . keeping our customers connected in a fun and entertaining way is what sports is all about.
  • Where we are located? :661 S Main Clawson, Michigan
  • How long we have been in business? Jim has been dealing sports collectibles since 1994
  • The customer  has been the number one ingredient to our success.
  • DSC is constantly seeking improvements to our business model. We will not sit still.
  • Our survival depends on staying a head of the competition.